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Postal Totes

Mail centers and offices need ways of collecting, sorting and storing bulk mail and documents. We carry a variety of plastic totes and trays for handling your mail needs.

Lightweight, yet tough, our corrugated plastic totes are steel band reinforced at the top for added strength and rigidity. Sonic-welded for strength. Easy to clean, resistant to dirt, moisture and grease. Convenient hand holes for easy carrying. Nests for space saving storage. Non-collapsible.

We Specialize in Mail Handling Postal Totes

Corrugated Plastic Totes are not only perfect for handling mail they are also a lightweight alternative to the heavier molded Distribution Containers currently on the market. The applications for these corrugated plastic containers are endless!


Customize sizes, configurations and colors available to meet your exact need!


Lids also available!

Many Sizes, Colors and Options Available

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Mail / Postal Totes and Carriers


Environmentlly Friendly Material

Eco Friendly Postal Totes for Mail Handling

Because of the long life and reusability of these totes you are helping the enviroment and saving money at the same time.

These plastic mail containers are 100% recyclable so they can be ground up and fed back into the system to become another reusable/returnable plastic container.

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Why Reuse?

Posted by John on August 17th, 2009
Filed under Reusable Materials

Eco-Friendly Packaging - More and more companies are taking their environmental and social responsibility serious. By utilizing reusable plastic containers green minded companies are reducing the amount of landfill waste that leaves their facilities. Reusable plastic packaging container programs enable these companies to make a huge impact globally.

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